Gabbar Is Back Full Movie 4k HD

Gabbar Is Back Full Movie

Gabbar is Back" is a Bollywood action film released in 2015, featuring Akshay Kumar in the lead role. The story revolves around a vigilante figure, Gabbar, who seeks to eradicate corruption from society.

- **Akshay Kumar** as Professor Aditya Singh Rajput / Gabbar
- **Shruti Haasan** as Devaki
- **Suman Talwar** as Digvijay Patil
- **Sunil Grover** as Sadhuram
- **Jaideep Ahlawat** as CBI Officer Kuldeep Pahwa
- **Ishita Vyas** as Roxy
- **Kareena Kapoor Khan** in a special appearance in the song "Teri Meri Kahaani"

Aditya Singh Rajput, a professor, takes on the alter ego of Gabbar to fight against corruption in society. He forms a vigilante group called the 'Anti-Corruption Force' (ACF) to target corrupt officials and individuals. Gabbar believes in punishing those who exploit the system for personal gain and profit, aiming to make an example of them to deter others from corrupt practices.

The movie showcases Gabbar's tactics in exposing corrupt individuals and the challenges he faces while executing his mission. As the story unfolds, Gabbar's actions catch the attention of both the public and the authorities, leading to a series of confrontations and revelations.

The film emphasizes the impact of corruption on society and highlights the efforts of a lone vigilante figure to bring about change by challenging the system. It combines action sequences, social themes, and elements of justice in its narrative, driven by Akshay Kumar's portrayal of the protagonist, Gabbar.
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