The Little Mermaid (2023 film)full movie HD

 The Little Mermaid (2023 film)full movie HD


  • Halle Bailey as Ariel, a curious, adventurous, and headstrong mermaid princess and King Triton's youngest daughter who is fascinated with the human world. Bailey was announced to have been cast on July 3, 2019.[6] In the early stages of the film's development, Lindsay Lohan expressed interest in playing the role.[7] Zendaya was reported to have been offered the part in August 2018,[8] but she herself eventually stated that this was "just a rumor".[9] Bailey was the first to audition for the role[10] after Rob Marshall saw her perform Donny Hathaway's 1972 single "Where Is the Love" at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards.[11] According to Marshall, hundreds of other girls also tried out for the part,[12] but she "set the bar so high that nobody surpassed it."[13]
  • Jonah Hauer-King as Eric, an adventurer and free-spirited human prince whom Ariel falls in love with after saving him from drowning. Hauer-King was announced to have been cast on November 12, 2019.[14] Hundreds of candidates auditioned for the role,[15] including actors Asher Angel,[16] Gavin Leatherwood,[17] Christian Navarro,[18] Jack Whitehall,[19] and Cameron Cuffe, with the latter, along with Hauer-King, doing a screen test alongside Bailey.[20] Harry Styles was in early negotiations to play the part,[21] but ultimately turned it down[22] in favor of doing a concert tour.[23] Marshall later elaborated that Styles also refused because he wanted to do darker, non-musical roles.[15] Hauer-King described his character as "restless and inquisitive about where he is in the world, like Ariel... He's quite isolated and sensitive."[24]
  • Melissa McCarthy as Ursula, a treacherous and conniving sea witch and King Triton's estranged sister, with whom Ariel makes a deal to become a human, which is secretly part of Ursula's plan to conquer Atlantica. McCarthy was announced to have been cast on June 28, 2019.[25] She described her character as "so funny. There's wit, there's manipulation. She's a great broad and at the same time, I have to think about what armor does she put in? And I don't think her mental health is great."[26] Lizzo also auditioned for the role.[27]
    • Jessica Alexander as Vanessa, Ursula's human alter ego, which she uses to sabotage her deal with Ariel. Alexander was announced to have been cast on March 1, 2021.[28] She described her character as "a seductress, a temptress, the definition of a femme fatale and a sexy female villain."[29] Of her casting, director Rob Marshall stated it was a conscious decision to cast a relatively unknown actress as Vanessa since McCarthy was already portraying Ursula. He also said: "She's just a beautiful, beautiful actress, and she went there. It's sort of rare for someone that beautiful and charismatic to be able to then turn into the sea witch literally in front of you and just lose it. It was exciting to see that change."[30] Alexander enjoyed playing the role, commenting that she "love[s] being demonic, and just going crazy on screen, so this was a perfect opportunity for that".[31] Kacey Musgraves was also considered for the role.[32]
  • Javier Bardem as King Triton, Ariel's strict and overprotective father and the ruler of Atlantica who is prejudiced against humans due to the death of his wife at the hands of one of them. Bardem was announced to have been cast on July 17, 2019.[33] He described his character as "a little bit less grumpy than the original because we were intending to bring more conflict to his behavior, like his fear and insecurity as a father. Being scared of letting his last daughter leave home ends up translating into being angry or too controlling."[34]
  • Noma Dumezweni as Queen Selina, Eric's adoptive mother and the ruler of a Caribbean island kingdom. She is a new character for the film.[15] Dumezweni was announced to have been cast on January 5, 2021.[35] She described her character as a "loving queen and a mother queen and a parent and a land lover learning about herself through letting go of her children."[36]
  • Art Malik as Sir Grimsby, the prime minister of Selina's kingdom and Eric's loyal confidant who acts as a father figure to him.[37]
  • Daveed Diggs as Sebastian, a loyal fiddler crab and King Triton's majordomo who watches over Ariel. Diggs was announced to have been cast on October 8, 2019.[38][39]
  • Jacob Tremblay as Flounder, an anxious yet noble sergeant major who is Ariel's best friend. Tremblay was announced to have been cast on July 1, 2019.[40]
  • Awkwafina as Scuttle, a dimwitted northern gannet and a friend of Ariel's to whom she provides inaccurate descriptions of any human/surface world object Ariel finds. The character is portrayed as a female diving bird instead of a male seagull as in the original to feature the character in underwater scenes. Awkwafina was announced to have been cast on July 1, 2019.[41]

Additionally, Martina Laird appears as Lashana, one of the maids in Eric's castle, who is based on Carlotta from the animated film; Emily Coates appears as Rosa, a young girl who works as a maid in Eric's castle; Christopher Fairbank and John Dagleish appear as Hawkins and Mulligan, two of Eric's shipmates; Jude Akuwudike appears as Joshua, a fisherman who discovers Ariel in her human form; and Russell Balogh and Adrian Christopher appear as two of King Triton's guards.[42] Also appearing as the daughters of Triton and Ariel's sisters (renamed for the film) are Lorena Andrea as Perla, Simone Ashley as Indira, Karolina Conchet as Mala, Sienna King as Tamika, Kajsa Mohammar as Karina, and Nathalie Sorrell as Caspia.[43][44][45] Eric's Old English Sheepdog, Max, is portrayed by dogs Gary and Edna, with the latter being uncredited.[citation needed]

Flotsam and Jetsam, Ursula's green moray eel minions appear. Jodi Benson, the original voice of Ariel in the animated film, cameos as a market vendor who hands Ariel a fork during her tour of the kingdom.[46][47][48]




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